Chapter 3. How to talk about personality types


Word Meaning
1. egoist believes in self-advancement
Latin Root [ego] I
egocentric Self centric
egomaniac someone who displays egomania, a tendency to refer to oneself excessively and boastfully
[-al] Subject suffix
egomaniacal someone who displays egomania, a tendency to refer to oneself excessively and boastfully
2. egotist talks about accomplishments
3. altruist is interested in the welfare of others
Latin [alter] Other
altruist/altruism/altruistic Person/Quality/Adjective:unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.
alternate/alternative/alternation to interchange repeatedly and regularly with one another in time or place; rotate
altercation a heated or angry dispute
alter ego a second self; a perfect substitute or deputy
4. introvert turns thoughts inward
[intro-] inward
Latin [verto] to turn
5. extrovert turns thoughts outward
[extro-] outward
6. ambivert turns thoughts both inward and outward
[ambi-] both
Latin [dexter] right hand
dexterous/dextrerity skillful or adroit in the use of the hands or body
[-ity] noun prefix
Latin [sinister] left hand
Frenche [gauche] 笨拙的
gaucherie awkward, clumsy,tactless
Frenche[droit] right hand
adroit/adroitness figuratively skillful, especially in the exercise of the mental facilities
7. misanthrope hates people
Greek[misein] to hate
Greek[anthropos] mankind
8. misogynist hates women
Greek[gyne] woman
9. misogamist hates marriage
philanthropist one who loves mankind
anthropology the study of the development of the human race
gynecologist the medical speciallist who treats female disorders
Greek[gamos] marriage
[monos] one
[bi-] two
polygyny many wives
polygamy many marriage
monogamy single marriage
bigamy double marriage
Greek[polys] many
Greek[andros] male
[-ist] person suffix
[-ic] [-ous] adjective suffix
[-y] suffi for a practice
10. ascetic does not pursue pleasures of the flesh
Greek[asketes] monk or hermit
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