Chapter 16. How to talk about a variety of personal characteristics

Word/Root Pronunciation Meaning
Latin [-ous] full of
Latin [sequor] to follow
1. obsequious 奉承拍马的,谄媚的
obsequies 葬礼,丧礼
subsequent 后来的,随后的
sequel 续篇,续集
2. querulous 抱怨的,爱发牢骚的
Latin [queror] to complain
3. supercilious 高傲的,傲慢的
Latin [cilium] eyelid
4. obstreperous 喧嚣的,喧闹的
Latin [strepo] make a noise
5. impecunious 没钱的,不名一文的
pecuniary pertaining to money
6. chivalrous 有骑士风度的,彬彬有礼的
French [cheval] horse
Lantin [caballus] an inferior horse
cavalcade 骑马队伍,车队
cavalier 骑士. (adj.)随便的,傲慢的
cavalry 骑兵队
chivalry 骑士制度,骑士气概
chivalric same as chivalrous
7. innocuous 无害的,平淡无味的
Lantin [noceo] to injure
innocent 无辜的
noxious 有害的,有毒的
8. bibulous 嗜酒的,吸水的
Lantin [bibo] to drink
imbibe to drink in
bib 围嘴,围裙的上部
9. cadaverous 死人般的,尸体般的
cadaver 尸体
decadent 堕落的,颓废的
10. dolorous 悲伤的,痛苦的
dolor 悲伤,忧伤
doleful 令人沮丧的,悲哀的
Lantin [con-] with, together
condole 表示同情,吊唁
condolence 吊唁,慰唁

Other Words

Word Meaning
deteriorating 恶化,变坏
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